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The Perkins Police Department has received reports recently of people attempting to use novelty movie money at businesses in Perkins. The $100 novelty bill looks identical to the authentic, but says "FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY" and "FOR CINEMATIC USE ONLY" in multiple spots. Police say they encourage citizens and businesses to be extra vigilant in watching for this "prop" money.

If someone attempts to use this fake money to buy anything, contact the Police immediately so they can identify the person(s) circulating the bills. Make sure you take down a thorough description of the individual(s) and any information about their vehicle(s).

This type of prop money is accessible for purchase as a novelty item or to be used for film production to look real for the Hollywood scene. This type of money isn’t legal to use or attempt to use for the purchase of any item. If you choose to use prop money to purchase items in Perkins you will be held accountable for committing a crime and could be arrested, charged, and serve jail time for this crime.

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