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On Tuesday afternoon, August 8, 2017, at 3:20pm Stillwater officers were dispatched to a residence at 102 S. Stallard to assist with an intoxicated subject causing a disturbance and refusing to leave the residence. When officers arrived in the area they found an off-duty Stillwater Police officer who was physically detaining Joshua Leroy Thorpe (27 of Stillwater). Thorpe was initially arrested for public intoxication. The off-duty officer had been driving down Stallard St. in his patrol car on his way to work when he was flagged over for assistance by the resident of 102 S. Stallard.

During a search of Thorpe’s person subsequent to arrest he had property in his possession that was believed to have been stolen from 102 S. Stallard.

According to a witness at the scene the resident of 102 S. Stallard, 89 year old Myron German, had become acquainted with Thorpe while visiting the local Marine Corps Recruiting office. German, a Marine himself and a veteran of the Korean War, was visiting the recruiting office when they met. Thorpe, according to German and the witness, is a recruiter. The witness told officers German had invited Thorpe to the house on several occasions. On the day this incident occurred Thorpe had stopped by to visit as did the witness. During the visit Thorpe became intoxicated and started acting strange so Thorpe was told to leave. There was a physical altercation as German and the witness tried to get Thorpe out of the house and call the police.

While in the city jail after his arrest Thorpe damaged a jail cell door. Charges have been presented to the Payne County District Attorney on Thorpe for public intoxication, assault and battery, grand larceny and malicious injury to property.

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