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Two former Stillwater residents, both deceased, will be honored posthumously by the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame Oct. 21 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in North Norman.

They are Army Lt. Col. Walter E. Price and Marine Capt. Peter C. Rollins, an Oklahoma State University professor. They will be among 10 Oklahoma veterans being honored.

Price was born June 22, 1926, in Tulsa. and died September 11, 2015, in Stillwater.  He was educated at the Oklahoma Military Academy at Claremore and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

After graduating from high School at OMA in 1944, Price joined the U.S. Marine Corps and then transferred to the Army. He went to West Point in 1946, graduating in 1950.

He was an enlisted man in World War II and an infantry commander in the Korea and Vietnam wars.

Price served in three wars and earned the Bronze Star in Korea and again in Vietnam and The Silver Star for Gallantry in Vietnam. Before going to Vietnam to command a battalion, Price taught ROTC to cadets at Oklahoma State University.

After retirement in 1970, he  was executive Vice President of Stillwater Community Bank and was a Stillwater City Commissioner.

He also served on the three-member state Board of Public Affairs after 1970. The board is the management agency for property and equipment for most state agencies.

Rollins was born April 1, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, and died March 23, 2015, in Stillwater. Like his father and brother, Rollins became a Marine. He served three years of active duty including 13 months in Vietnam. Rollins was a PhD, Regents Professor of English at Oklahoma State University for 33 years.

After Rollins began teaching at OSU, he began efforts to counteract what he believed was misreporting of the Vietnam War. He created college courses examining the portrayal of wars and made films depicting America’s wars.

He produced four television documentary films on Vietnam: “The Impact of Visual images: a Study of the 1968 Tet Offensive,” “The Real Story of Vietnam,” “The Impact of Media,” and “The Battle of Khe Sanh.” Actor Charlton Heston narrated two of the films that were aired by the Public Broadcasting System.

Rollins also authored numerous publications and books explaining military service and how it is represented in public media and popular culture. He wrote the novel entitled, “Why We Fought.”

Rollins awards include the 2011 Oklahoma Humanities Award.

Rollins will receive a special honor: The Douglas O. Dollar Distinguished Service Award.  The Dollar award is for service and dedicated work in support of Veterans and the U.S. Military.

The Dollar award is named for Dollar, a Stillwater resident, who served in Vietnam and who founded the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame in 1999.

Persons wanting to obtain a reservation for the banquet may go online to our website, www.okmhf.org  which has a reservation link. You may also contact us at infor@okmhf.org or call (405) 424-5313. The cutoff date for reservations is Oct. 11.

Persons wanting to obtain a reservation for the banquet may go online to our website www.okmhf.org which has the registration link. You may also contact us at info@okmhf.org or call (405) 424-5313. The cutoff date for reservations is Oct. 11.

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