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Logan County residents who live near Portland Avenue and Seward Road fear their quiet community will soon change.

That’s because ZP Disposal Systems has filed an application to put in a disposal well that would inject 20,000 barrels of wastewater per day. The biggest concern is earthquakes.

Some residents have filed a protest, asking the Oklahoma Corporation Commission not to approve the application. If it is approved, the disposal well will be placed in the area.

Even though residents are worried about earthquakes, OCC officials said that shouldn’t be a concern when it comes to this well. They said it is not an Arbuckle disposal well, so there is no threat for earthquakes.

Corporation Commission officials, however, will check to see if the residents’ drinking water will be put at risk. But even if the OCC finds the disposal well is not a threat to Logan County water, residents are still asking the OCC not to approve the application.

A judge will hold a hearing at the Corporation Commission later this month to decide if ZP Disposal Systems can move forward with the disposal well.

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