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City of Stillwater Chief Financial Officer Melissa Reames said the City received its sales tax on July 2017 transactions that were remitted to the Oklahoma Tax Commission in August 2017 and apportioned to the City in September 2017. The amount totaled $2,497,230.32. This is $239,128 (10.59 percent) higher that September 2016.

Year to date (YTD) sales tax is $30,742.01 (0.44 percent) higher than YTD collections in 2016. Sales tax is under budget by $47,028.84 (0.66 percent). Use tax collections for September were $142,792.45.

YTD use tax is higher than last year by $92,437.27 (52.01 percent) and over budget by $178,883.00 (65.92 percent). Cigarette/tobacco tax remittance was $25,411.59. YTD cigarette/tobacco tax is lower that YTD collections in 2016 by $1,477.92 (1.67 percent) and over budget by $3,272.38 (3.92 percent). Lodging tax as of August 2017 was $150,284.85, which is $17,139.34 (12.87 percent) higher than 2016 and over budget by $25,866.78 (20.79 percent).


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