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Music notes: Taylor Swift, Adele and more

After Taylor Swift left the Kansas City Chiefs game with Travis Kelce on Sunday, the pair spent the evening at Prime Social Rooftop in Kansas City, Missouri. Entertainment Tonight reports Travis rented out the entire restaurant for his family and team to celebrate together. According to the outlet, Taylor and Travis "were very affectionate with each other, but kept things fun and lighthearted."

Adele set the rumor mill aflame during her residency show in Las Vegas over the weekend when she referred to boyfriend Rich Paul as her husband. The singer said that she is "not the greatest wife" to Rich because it has taken her a while to understand American football, a sport that he loves. "I just don't understand the game," Adele said. "It's so annoying because I'm actually quite a clever person."

Together again, thanks to Ed Sheeran. The stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunited at Ed's concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles over the weekend. Sarah Michelle Gellar posted about the reunion with her former co-stars Seth Green and Emma Caulfield on Instagram. "I really love these people," she captioned the photos. 

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Kelly Clarkson shocks a Vegas street performer with impromptu performance

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for dcp

She wasn’t our first American Idol for nothing.

Kelly Clarkson gave an impromptu performance of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It” on the street in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Kelly was on her way to soundcheck for an event when she heard a woman singing and gave her a tip. The street performer, unaware of who she was interacting with, invited Kelly to take a spin at the song.

“She asked me to sing and had no clue who I was, and then it hit her, and it made my day! She gives the best hugs and sings her tail off,” Kelly wrote alongside a video of the interaction on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

The exact moment that the street performer realizes Kelly’s identity is abundantly clear. “Are you f****** kidding me?” the woman says, after the two embrace in a hug.

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Jung Kook to release second solo single, “3D (feat. Jack Harlow)”


New music from Jung Kook is on its way.

The global superstar from the group BTS is releasing his second solo single, “3D (feat. Jack Harlow),” on Friday, September 29.

Jung Kook made the announcement during his headlining set at the 2023 Global Citizen Festival in New York City’s Central Park, where he closed his performance by showing off a first-look video teasing the single.

From BIGHIT MUSIC, this new collaboration comes two months after Jung Kook began his solo journey with the release of “Seven (feat. Latto),” which made it to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

According to the press release, “3D” expresses a person’s desire to be with someone in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

“Following ‘Seven,’ the new track will showcase Jung Kook’s growth as a solo artist,” BIGHIT MUSIC said in a statement.

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Olivia Rodrigo gets unexpected dating advice from a young fan

Matt Winkelmeyer/WireImage via Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo is getting some unexpected dating advice.

In a new video from the YouTube channel RecessTherapy, Olivia sat down with a young child named Miles, who offered up some wisdom when it came to love.

Olivia asked Miles for advice on how she can find a partner. “Pick a person that looks kind,” Miles said before telling her, “I really hope you find love.”

He followed up the sweet moment with an additional stipulation. “And the only person you can’t marry is your cousins,” Miles said, causing Olivia and host Julian Shapiro-Barnum to burst into a fit of laughter.

“You’re so right, you never miss,” Olivia said before prompting Miles with another question: “What happens if you marry someone that’s your cousin?”

“Something bad happens to your body,” Miles answered. So true, Miles. So true.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner agree to keep kids in New York for now

Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s two children will stay in New York for the time being, according to court documents obtained by Good Morning America Monday.

After Sophie petitioned the court asking for the “immediate return” of their daughters to England last week, Sophie and Joe have temporarily agreed to keep their kids in the Southern and Eastern districts of New York, which includes New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley.

In Sophie’s court filing Thursday, she accused Joe of "wrongful retention" of the children — 3-year-old Willa and their 14-month-old identified only as D. — starting on or about September 20. The British actress claimed in the filing that Joe refused to allow their children to travel to England with her and would not hand over their passports.

Joe refuted the claims in a statement from his spokesperson, saying a Florida court order issued after the divorce proceedings were filed restricts both parents from relocating the children.

Joe filed for divorce earlier this month after four years of marriage.

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Taylor Swift leaves Kansas City Chiefs game alongside Travis Kelce

David Eulitt/Getty Images

He’s team captain, and she’s on the bleachers.

Taylor Swift left the Kansas City Chiefs game in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday, September 24, with offensive captain and tight end Travis Kelce.

Sports anchor Jarrett Payton captured the pair leaving Arrowhead Stadium together in a video that was spread widely on social media.

Taylor was decked out with a Chiefs jacket tied around her waist and red sneakers to match, while Travis sported a blue and white denim ensemble from KidSuper Studios, notably called the “1989 Bedroom Painting."

Taylor watched Sunday’s game from Travis’s suite and was seated next to his mother, Donna Kelce. The Chiefs ended up beating the Chicago Bears with a final score of 41-10.

She was also pictured riding shotgun in the front seat of Travis’ convertible after leaving the stadium with him Sunday night, à la one of her first hits, “Our Song.”

Taylor is, of course, a little over a month away from releasing 1989 (Taylor’s Version). She is currently on a break between stops on her popular Eras Tour, which resumes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 9.

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Hozier reflects on 10 years of "Take Me to Church": "I'm charged with a new energy"

ABC/Paula Lobo

Ten years ago, Hozier took us to church, which took him to music stardom.

The Irish artist's breakout single was released in September 2013. Speaking with ABC Audio, Hozier recalls the "humble beginnings" of "Take Me to Church."

"I was unsigned when I wrote that song," Hozier shares. "Those vocals were recorded in the attic of my family home. I was an unknown, completely unknown, songwriter in Ireland. So my aspirations for it were very, very humble."

"I hoped that it would find an audience and people would appreciate where it was coming from," he continues. "I was proud of it in it being executed such that I think it communicated what it wanted to communicate, and it was executed well in that regard. But it became something far, far bigger, far greater than I had anticipated, for sure."

Indeed, "Take Me to Church" reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified Diamond by the RIAA. And even a decade later, Hozier is happy to take thousands of fans to church each night while on tour.

"I still enjoy singing it, I have to say, I still enjoy performing it," Hozier says. "I'm charged with a new energy and appreciation for it seeing the energy of the crowd and how much joy they get out of it."

Hozier adds that he remains proud of the artistry and message of "Take Me to Church."

"In some respects now it's more applicable than it was 10 years ago," he says. "Some of themes in that song, some of the things it's pointing out, are bearing down on us maybe more so now than they were even 10 years ago when it was released." 

Hozier is currently on tour supporting his latest album, Unreal Unearth.

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Check out the "priceless" blinged-out anniversary gift Justin Bieber's wife got for him

MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

They said it wouldn't last, but Justin and Hailey Bieber have been married for five years — which is as good an excuse as any to splash out some serious bling. And the jeweler who designed said bling for Hailey to give to Justin for their anniversary is now showing it off on Instagram.

New York jewelry designer Alex Moss, who's created pieces like a $12.5 million chain for rap superstar Drake, has opened up to GQ about Hailey's commission for Justin: two jewel-encrusted mushroom pendants. One is blue and one is yellow, and each has five large stones on it, representing the years the couple has been married.

"She was the one who suggested we create [mushroom pendants], something along these lines. And then, of course, I put my twist to it, and I designed the actual mushroom," says Moss. 

He's not sure why Hailey chose mushrooms, but he notes, "The stones that were used in this piece were the absolute highest quality ... nothing else exists on the planet better than them ... this is the top."

Asked how much the pendants cost, Moss says, "Priceless, to be honest. To get an anniversary gift from Alex Moss, New York, custom designed — you can't put a price on that. It's a Bieber project." 

He mentions he had a member of his team fly to LA and hand deliver the pendants to Hailey so they wouldn't get lost.

So, did Justin like the gift? Moss says he doesn't know, because he didn't personally give it to him, but he brags, "If you go to look at his pictures on Instagram, he hasn't taken the chain off."

Moss also designed the bubble "B" necklace Hailey wears all the time.

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Why Demi Lovato 'Revamped' the lyrics of one of her biggest hits

Angelo Kritikos/Island Records

Demi Lovato recently released Revamped, an album of rock remakes of her biggest pop hits. But in addition to giving the songs an edgier, harder treatment, she also took the opportunity to change the lyrics of one of her biggest hits.

During an installment of ELLE's "My Life In Lyrics," Demi randomly pulls pieces of papers with lyrics from her songs on them out of a jar and comments on them. The first one she gets is a lyric from "Cool for the Summer": "Got a taste for the cherry/ I just need to take a bite/ go tell your mother/ kiss one another/ die for each other/ we're cool for the summer."

But those are the Revamped lyrics: In the original song, Demi sings "don't tell your mother." She explains, "I changed to lyrics to 'go tell your mother' because it's just more positive and it's like, 'I'm proud.' I want everyone to be proud of their sexuality."

"Yeah it's a sexy song. I actually wrote it before I came out as bisexual at the time. Now I'm pansexual," she continues. "I came out with that song first and it was kind of an easy way to tell my parents, 'I'm not straight.'"

Demi also recalls co-writing some of her songs with the Jonas Brothers while on tour; listening to her hit "Skyscraper" over and over the first time she went to rehab; and mispronouncing the word "hypnotizing" in her fan favorite song "Catch Me." "I regret it to this day," she admits.

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Taylor Swift spotted sitting with Travis Kelce's mom at Chiefs game

Jason Hanna/Getty Images

Taylor Swift may not be dating Travis Kelce, but she definitely took the Kansas City Chiefs tight end up on his offer to watch him "rock the stage at Arrowhead Stadium."

On September 24, Taylor was spotted in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, cheering while wearing full Chiefs regalia, and sitting next to Kelce's mom, no less.

For months, there's been speculation that Travis and Taylor are dating, based on Travis' revelation that he'd tried and failed to meet Taylor and give her his number when she performed at Arrowhead earlier this year on her Eras Tour.  Since then, both Travis and his brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, have been grilled relentlessly about what's going on between Travis and Taylor, though neither brother has confirmed that the two are actually involved.

On Thursday, September 21, during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Travis revealed he invited Taylor to watch him play. “I threw the ball in her court,” he said. “I told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead, you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead.’ We’ll see what happens in the near future.”

Of course, Taylor's appearance at the game could be just a publicity stunt, but fans are shook. On the Taylor Swift Reddit thread, one wrote, "It's over for the British boys."

Taylor's last few boyfriends, including Joe Alwyn, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Styles and, allegedly, The 1975 singer Matt Healy -- have all been Brits.

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Usher to headline Super Bowl halftime show: "Honor of a lifetime"

Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Live Nation Urban

How does the NFL follow up a Rihanna halftime show? With Usher.

The multi-Platinum performer will headline the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show when it airs live on CBS from Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024.

"It's an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list," Usher said in a statement. "I can't wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they've seen from me before. Thank you to the fans and everyone who made this opportunity happen. I'll see you real soon."

Jay-Z's Roc Nation co-produces the halftime show. Jay said in a statement, "Usher is the ultimate artist and showman. Ever since his debut at the age of 15, he's been charting his own unique course."

He continued, "Beyond his flawless singing and exceptional choreography, Usher bares his soul. His remarkable journey has propelled him to one of the grandest stages in the world. I can't wait to see the magic."

In his career, Usher's sold more than 80 million records, appeared in movies like Hustlers, served as a coach on The Voice, and won eight Grammys and countless other awards. He also has a Las Vegas residency show, and so far this year, he's released two singles: "GLU" and "Good Good."

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Music notes: Taylor Swift, SUGA and more

Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were spotted out to dinner in New York City for the second time this week. According to People, the two pals dined at Barrière Fouquet Hotel with the Haim sisters. Their outing came hours after news broke that Sophie is suing her husband, Joe Jonas, for alleged wrongful retention of their two children. Taylor briefly dated Joe in 2008.

Selena Gomez’s new song is called “Single Soon,” and in a new TikTok video, the singer pokes fun at her single relationship status. She’s seen lip-synching to some audio that says, "Guess who has a boyfriend? Not me b**** y'all stay safe out there."

BTS member SUGA has started his mandatory military service, but unlike the other members of the group, he's been ruled unfit for regular combat duty due to his 2020 shoulder surgery, Korean's Yonhap News Agency reports. Instead, SUGA, 30, will be a "social service agent," the title given to military members who are performing alternative service. SUGA bid goodbye to fans in a message, saying, "I was able to come this far thanks to you, ARMY ... I will do my utmost to fulfill my national duty ... Stay healthy and let’s meet in 2025."

A photo of Harry Styles in concert taken by Anthony Pham has won an award at the Abbey Road Music Photography Awards, handed out September 21 in London. The dynamic picture of Harry jumping in the air won in the category of Music Moment of the Year, which wasn't surprising, since that category was voted on by the public.

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Check out OneRepublic's new song and video for 'Assassin's Creed Mirage'

Mosely Music/Interscope Records

OneRepublic is getting into the gaming business.

The group has released a song called "Mirage" inspired by the game Assassin's Creed Mirage. A video for the track features Ryan Tedder and the group performing in an ancient building in Malta, intercut with custom visuals from the game, which is being released on October 5. 

The song samples notes from the game's original soundtrack and also features vocals from Mishaal Tamer, a Saudi Arabian singer who toured Europe with OneRepublic this year.

The game is set mostly in ninth century Baghdad and follows the character of Basim, first introduced in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, who goes from street thief to member of the Assassin Brotherhood, which fights for peace and liberty.

Ryan said in a statement, “Most people don’t know this about me, but my band and I are closet gamers. I’ve been a huge fan of Assassin’s Creed since the beginning."

"Having toured extensively in the Middle East I wanted to capture the spirit of that region and reflect the location of the game sonically as much as possible," he adds. "I can’t wait for our fans and fans of AC to hear what we came up with. This was a definite pinch-myself moment.”

The collab marks the first time the Assassin's Creed gaming franchise has teamed up with a top global artist like OneRepublic.

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Watch Olivia Rodrigo blow a young fan's mind on 'Recess Therapy'


Back in 2021, a young girl named Liv — short for Olivia — went viral for singing Olivia Rodrigo's song "good 4 u" on the web series Recess Therapy. But in the latest episode of the show, Liv comes face to face with her idol in the flesh.

Liv is asked by the host, Julian, if it's OK if someone else joins the interview. That "someone" turns out to be Olivia, and you can see Liv's head explode — metaphorically — as she realizes who sat down next to her.

Liv asks if she can come to Olivia's concert; when Olivia says, "I have a ticket with your name on it," the little girl asks incredulously, "You do?" Guess she'd never heard that expression before.

But the cutest part is when Julian asks Liv what she thinks of Olivia's new album, GUTS.

"It makes me, like, stronger every time I listen to it," Liv says. "Like women and girls can do anything that they dream to. I feel like I achieve more things than I would've done without listening to it." 

Olivia replies, "I'm tearing up ... that is the sweetest, most powerful thing ever. I'm just so happy that my music makes you feel that way. That is just everything I've ever dreamed of and more."

Liv tells Olivia that when she first encountered her music, she thought to herself, "This will be the best artist in the world and I bet when I'm older, I'll meet her."

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New Music Friday: Stephen Sanchez, The Chainsmokers and more

Duncan Laurence, known for his hit “Arcade,” is out with his new album, Skyboy. His sophomore effort features 11 tracks, including the previously released title track, “Electric Life” and “I Want It All.”

Daya is ready to soundtrack your night out with her new song, “Downtown.” The pumping electropop track comes with a mesmerizing visualizer.

The Chainsmokers are teaming with Brazilian superstar ALOK and British singer-songwriter Mae Stephens for the new song, “Jungle.” The collaborative effort also has a sci-fi-themed music video featuring all three artists.

Kylie Minogue’s new album, Tension, is out now, featuring her smash hit “Padam Padam.” Kylie calls the album “a blend of personal reflection, club abandon and melancholic high.”

Bakar has dropped his new album, Halo, featuring the brand new single, "All Night." The album explores the sometimes nomadic life of a musician and was mainly recorded in Airbnbs, hotels and homes from London to LA, according to a press release. It also includes a remix of his viral hit "Hell N Back" featuring Summer Walker.

"Until I Found You" singer Stephen Sanchez has released his debut album, Angel Face, a concept record about a love triangle set in the late fifties and early sixties. He also dropped music videos for two of the album's tracks: “Death of the Troubadour” and “High.”

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