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Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Burger King released a three-minute video on Tuesday that highlights the prevalence of bullying in society.

The video, filmed at a California location of the fast food chain by hidden camera, shows the results of a social experiment in which a high school junior is bullied in full view of patrons.

The ad is timed to come out during National Bullying Prevention Month. In contrast to the bullying of the teen, Burger King employees are seen "bullying" the brand's Whopper Jr. The video shows what happens, as some patrons are more likely to speak up about a damaged sandwich than the bullying happening in front of them.

Some customers, however, do speak up and offer heartwarming and inspirational messages in the fight against bullying.

The company cites nonprofit organization No Bully, which says that 30 percent of school kids worldwide are bullied each year.

At the end of the video, Burger King urges viewers to "visit to learn how you can take a stand against bullying."

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JaysonPhotography/iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Record closes for all three major indices on Wednesday, including a new milestone for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, despite a poor month for new home starts.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 160.16 on Wednesday, finishing the day at 23,157.60 -- the first ever close above 23,000.

The Nasdaq added 0.56, reaching 6,624.22 at the session's end, while the S&P 500 set a new record of 2,561.26 -- gaining 1.9 on the day.

The gains have been driven by stronger than expected earnings for many U.S. companies, as well as the hopes of those companies that President Trump's tax reform plan could lower taxes on them. Wednesday, IBM's strong report drove its best day of trade since 2009.

Thursday is the 30th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash of 1987, when the S&P 500 dropped more than 20 percent, the largest one-day drop in U.S. history.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Wednesday that the White House's tax reform plan is of major importance. If it doesn't pass, he claims, the stock market will tank.

And new home construction fell nearly five percent in September, the biggest decline in about six months.

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Ford(DEARBORN, Mich.) -- The Ford Motor Company is recalling more than one million F-Series pickup trucks due to door latch flaws that could cause vehicle doors to unexpectedly open.

In a press release, the company says the recall affects 1.3 million vehicles, all from the 2017 model year. The vehicles affected include both the F-series and the brand's Super Duty vehicles in North America.

The company intends to add a water shield to the side door latches, to prevent any further issues.

Ford says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the issue.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- A costume company has removed an outfit depicting German-born diarist Anne Frank, a Jewish victim of the Holocaust, from its website after public outrage.

Ross Walker Smith, a publicist for, the parent company of, issued a public statement on Twitter this week after the company was criticized over the costume.

"We sell costumes not only for Halloween, but for many uses outside of the Halloween season, such as school projects and plays," Smith wrote on Twitter. "We offer several types of historically accurate costumes -- from prominent figures to political figures, to television characters."

He continued, "We have passed along the feedback regarding this costume, and it has been removed from the website at this time."

Smith issued the following statement to ABC News on behalf of "We would like to apologize for any offense this has caused. Due to the feedback from our customers and the public, which we take very seriously, we have elected to stop selling this costume immediately. Again, we apologize for this mistake in judgment."

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, told ABC News in a statement that the organization is glad the Anne Frank costume has been taken down, "but it’s hard to believe that anyone thought this was an appropriate costume for Halloween."

"This should never have happened in the first place. It shows we still have a long way to go in terms of educating people about what happened during the Holocaust, and why this unique event in human history should never be trivialized," Greenblatt added. The ADL is a nonprofit, international Jewish organization based in the United States that fights anti-Semitism.

Smith's public statement was tweeted directly to a concerned customer, 32-year-old Rob McDowall of Glasgow, Scotland.

 McDowall, a chairperson of the nonprofit organization Welfare Scotland and a member of the Equality Council, wrote in an email to ABC News that he tweeted Smith on Oct. 15 after he became aware that an Anne Frank costume was being sold on

McDowall said did not agree with the company's decision to sell the costume.

 "While there is undoubtedly a market for historically accurate clothing for theatrical productions, we’d be engaging in revisionist history if we allow the company to suggest that the item was for sale for this purpose," he said. "The item was clearly categorized as a Halloween costume and invited buyers to dress up like Anne Frank for Halloween."

McDowall continued, "I welcome the decision to remove the product from sale and I hope the company will explore suitable training for their staff to ensure insulting and insensitive products of this nature aren’t made available in the future."

McDowall's brief Twitter exchange with Walker sparked a slew of comments from people who said they were offended by the costume, and others who welcomed the idea of people portraying Anne Frank on Halloween.

One woman wrote that she'd prefer her daughters to dress as someone like Anne Frank rather than as a princess.

"I would rather them admire the bravery of a young girl," she tweeted. "It is not horror but admiration for the girl that should be the conversation."

Another user called the costume "disgustingly crass."

Currently, the Anne Frank costume is no longer listed for sale on

The costume is listed on the Candy Apple Costumes website as “Child's 1940s Girl Costume" and appears to be manufactured by the UK-based company, Smiffys.

Smiffys did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.

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Paul Zimmerman/WireImage via Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Amazon Studios President Roy Price has resigned, ABC News has confirmed.

Price was put on leave last week, following an allegation of sexual harassment involving Isa Hackett, an executive producer on the network's series “The Man in the High Castle.”

Hackett told The Hollywood Reporter last week that in 2015, Prince allegedly propositioned her in a cab on the way to an Amazon party, but she told him she has a wife and children.

She said that Price did not give up and that she later reported the incident to Amazon executives.

"We take seriously any questions about the conduct of our employees,” an Amazon spokesperson told THR. “We expect people to set high standards for themselves; we encourage people to raise any concerns and we make it a priority to investigate and address them. Accordingly, we looked closely at this specific concern and addressed it directly with those involved."

After the incident, Hackett said she hasn't seen Roy.

"I don’t feel afraid of him, but it’s difficult after you report something because you’re carrying this anxiety about how to interact with somebody if and when you do see them. You’re aware that other people may or may not know about it," she said.

She added that after dozens of women spoke out against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein over the past few weeks, she felt empowered to go public. Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women, including actresses Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

"I think women inspire each other. I feel inspired by the other women who have been far braver than I am, who have come forward. I hope we all continue to inspire each other and ultimately create change," she added.

In addition to Price, Weinstein himself was fired from The Weinstein Company a week ago Sunday and officially resigned from the company's board on Tuesday.

In response to the assault allegations against Weinstein, a spokesperson for the movie executive said, "Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein."

"Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein obviously can’t speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual," according to the full statement from Weinstein's spokesperson. "Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that, if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance.”

ABC News has reached out to Price's attorney for comment but did not immediately hear back.

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board of the Weinstein Co. during a conference call with the remaining board members, ABC News has confirmed.

He is still pursuing a claim he was wrongfully fired from the company.

The company has been under pressure since sexual assault and harassment allegations against Weinstein were first reported by The New York Times and The New Yorker nearly two weeks ago.

The disgraced movie mogul has been accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women, including actresses Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for the movie executive said, "Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein."

"Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. Mr. Weinstein obviously can't speak to anonymous allegations, but with respect to any women who have made allegations on the record, Mr. Weinstein believes that all of these relationships were consensual," the spokesperson said in a statement. "Mr. Weinstein has begun counseling, has listened to the community and is pursuing a better path. Mr. Weinstein is hoping that if he makes enough progress, he will be given a second chance.”

Weinstein was fired from the Weinstein Co. days after reports surfaced and was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

"The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors met today to discuss the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and has voted well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him from the academy," the organization said in a statement on Saturday.

In a statement, the Weinstein Co. board of directors said, "The board today ratified its decision to terminate Harvey Weinstein's employment with the Weinstein Co. Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board."

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 23,000 on Tuesday morning, but fell just below the milestone at the close.

The Dow climbed 40.48 ( 0.18 percent) to finish at 22,997.44, a new record.

The Nasdaq slid 0.35 (-0.01 percent) to close at 6,623.66, while the S&P 500 finished at a record 2,559.36, up 1.72 ( 0.07 percent) from its open.

Crude oil was about 0.25 percent higher with prices at $52 per barrel.

Winners and Losers:  Freeport-McMoRan sunk 2.23 percent after Deutsche Bank downgraded the mining company's stock to "Sell."

UnitedHealth Group Inc beat investors' expectations in its third-quarter earnings report.  Shares of the American health care company soared 5.58 percent.

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Subscribe To This Feed -- President Donald Trump is not as wealthy as he was last year, according to Forbes magazine, which dropped him 92 spots on its annual list of the 400 wealthiest people in America.

Trump, ranked No. 156 in 2016, is now tied with 15 others --- including casino magnate Steve Wynn and Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel -- for No. 248.

The drop comes from a decline in Trump's net worth, according to Forbes. The magazine estimated that his net worth has dropped by $600,000 to $3.1 billion from $3.7 billion since last year.

His highest net worth valuation by the magazine came in 2015 at $4.5 billion.

While the overall wealth of Trump's presidential Cabinet has been noted in the past, he is the only member of the group to be included on the Forbes list.

That said, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' father-in-law, Richard DeVos, the co-founder of marketing company Amway, is included on the list. Richard DeVos' net worth is valued at $5.1 billion and is ranked No. 107 on this year's list.

This year's Forbes 400 list was the most discerning of all, as the magazine reported that the minimum net worth required to be included hit a record high of $2 billion. In the past two years, the minimum was $1.7 billion.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates topped the list for the 24th consecutive year ($89 billion) and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos held on to the No. 2 spot ($81.5 billion) that he had taken from Warren Buffett in 2016. Buffett came in at No. 3 this year, at $78 billion.

Trump has been watching his spot on the list for years.

In an interview with Trump published in Forbes Oct. 10, the article's author alluded to the president's lengthy history and fixation with the list.

"Numbers offer Trump validation. They determine the winner or loser of any deal and establish an industry hierarchy. It's why Trump, more than any of the 1,600 or so people who've been on The Forbes 400, has spent more time lobbying and cajoling Forbes to get a higher valuation—and validation," the Oct. 10 article, written by Forbes staffer Randall Lane, reads.

Trump has tweeted about the Forbes 400 list before, including once in 2014 when he retweeted and commented on a person's tweet that claimed that Forbes underestimates Trump's actual net worth.

"That's true, and they do it knowingly - who cares!" Trump added.

In answering another Twitter user who asked why Forbes had him listed as being worth $3 billion in 2013, Trump wrote: "They know nothing about me or my numbers."

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Sammy Staines/@sammylovesfossas(DORSET, England) -- Meet Sammy Staines of Dorset, England.

The Instagram star said she loves doing them because “there is no limit to what you can create.”

Staines, 31, said she started out doing “just beauty makeup” but then began “to get more and more creative from there.”

“I’ve always loved art and since applying art to my face, I no longer paint or draw on paper,” she wrote to ABC News. “I especially love doing illusion and monster paint.”

She said her terrifying monster makeovers, which take her about two hours to complete, are not just a Halloween specialty, however.

“All year ... I’m watching horror films and painting weird things on my face so I don’t really get that excited for Halloween,” she said, adding that might change when she has kids. “But I’m sure I will be having a horror movie night on Halloween and giving my face a rest.”

Now click here to look at her terrifying monster makeovers.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- California will soon implement a new statewide ban on sales of animals commercially raised in puppy mills.

Gov. Jerry Brown last Friday signed into law bill A.B. 485, making it illegal for pet stores to sell dogs, cats and rabbits from any source other than a shelter or rescue group.

As #FirstDog I’m proud to announce dad just signed #AB485 to help more furry friends in need find a fur-ever home!

— Colusa Brown (@ColusaBrown) October 13, 2017

The law will go into effect in 2019 and supporters have praised the move.

"The problem is puppy mills, and this law is specifically targeting shutting down and not supporting puppies being manufactured in unsafe, unsociable, and horrific conditions," Elena Bicker, executive director at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation, told ABC News.

Private breeders can still sell animals independently.

The American Kennel Club is standing up against the first-of-its-kind statewide ban and released a statement directly opposing the new law.

"It not only interferes with individual freedoms, it also increases the likelihood that a person will obtain a pet that is not a good match for their lifestyle and the likelihood that that animal will end up in a shelter," the organization said in a statement.

Pet advocates have helped increase protections for puppy mill dogs in over 200 cities and counties across the country that already have ordinances similar to this one, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

Thirty-six cities in California, including Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, already had bans on mass breeding operations.

"This is a great law. California is setting the standard and elevating the status of pets in society by targeting the puppy mills and elevating shelter pets as a place in homes," Bicker said.

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Chance Yeh/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Hollywood is up in arms over the allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein and the company he co-founded, The Weinstein Company.

The Producers Guild of America's national board of directors and officers voted on Monday to expel Weinstein after numerous women claimed the movie mogul and producer sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them.

"This morning, the PGA’s National Board of Directors and Officers decided by unanimous vote to institute termination proceedings concerning Harvey Weinstein’s membership,” co-presidents Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary said in a statement on behalf of the board. “As required by the PGA’s Constitution, Mr. Weinstein will be given the opportunity to respond before the Guild makes its final determination on November 6, 2017.”

“Sexual harassment of any type is completely unacceptable. This is a systemic and pervasive problem requiring immediate industry-wide action,” the statement continued.

The co-presidents also announced a new task force in the wake of Weinstein’s allegations.

“Today, the PGA’s National Board and Officers – composed of 20 women and 18 men -- created the Anti-Sexual Harassment Task Force specifically charged with researching and proposing substantive and effective solutions to sexual harassment in the entertainment industry,” the statement said. “The PGA calls on leaders throughout the entertainment community to work together to ensure that sexual abuse and harassment are eradicated from the industry.”

Weinstein has denied any allegations of non-consensual sex in a statement to The New Yorker.

However, in addition to the PGA, here are the other organizations and companies that have severed ties with the disgraced producer.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The preeminent organization honoring the best in film said in a statement Saturday that it's voted to expel Weinstein.

It did so "to send a message that the era of willful ignorance and shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over."

Weinstein and the academy had a pretty long history, dating back to 1990 when he launched an Oscars campaign for an independent film, "My Left Foot." The film went on to win two Oscars for its stars -- Daniel Day Lewis and Brenda Fricker -- and began Weinstein's long career in earning the golden trophies.

During his tenure at Miramax and later The Weinstein Company, which he founded in 2005 with his brother, Bob Weinstein, the producer racked up 341 Academy Award nominations, winning 81 of them.

The Weinstein Company

Weinstein's own film company terminated him last week after The New York Times and The New Yorker reported the stories of several women, including actress Ashley Judd, who claimed that the producer had sexually harassed or sexually assaulted them.

"In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has emerged in the past few days, the directors of The Weinstein Company -- Robert Weinstein, Lance Maerov, Richard Koenigsberg and Tarak Ben Ammar -- have determined, and have informed Harvey Weinstein, that his employment with The Weinstein Company is terminated, effective immediately," according to a statement from the company's board.

By Monday, private equity firm Colony Capital announced that it had "entered into a preliminary agreement" with Weinstein's former film company to potentially acquire all or part of it.

Tarak Ben Ammar, a Weinstein Company board member, praised the move, saying in part: "We believe that Colony's investment and sponsorship will help stabilize the Company's current operations, as well as provide comfort to our critical distribution, production and talent partners around the world."

British Academy of Film and Television Arts

BAFTA announced in a statement last Wednesday that Weinstein's membership had been revoked.

Previously, the producer was a fixture on the BAFTA awards circuit, hosting several events around the awards itself, including a pre-dinner and an after party.

"Whilst BAFTA has previously been a beneficiary of Mr. Weinstein’s support for its charitable work, it considers the reported alleged behaviour completely unacceptable and incompatible with BAFTA’s values," the statement from BAFTA said. "This has led to Mr. Weinstein’s suspension, and it will be followed by a formal process as laid out in BAFTA’s constitution."

"We hope this announcement sends a clear message that such behaviour has absolutely no place in our industry," the statement continued. "BAFTA will continue to work with the film, games and television industries to improve access to rewarding and fulfilling careers in safe, professional working environments."

Legion of Honor Award

French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted that he's taken steps to "remove" the Legion of Honor Award from Weinstein, who was presented with the award in 2012. It is the nation's highest honor, established in 1802 by Napoléon Bonaparte.

Other honorees include fashion designer Giorgio Armani, cosmetics mogul Elizabeth Arden, singer Bono and actor Tom Hanks.

Amazon Studios

The streaming company completely cut ties with The Weinstein Company last week following the allegations.

Amazon had been working with the company on two projects -- an untitled mafia drama series Weinstein was producing with David O. Russell, and a series titled "The Romanoffs," an eight-episode series from "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner.

The mafia show, which The Hollywood Reporter noted was a deal estimated at $160 million, had already been greenlit to run for two seasons.

"Amazon Studios no longer plans on moving forward with the David O. Russell project. As for 'The Romanoffs,' Amazon intends to move forward without the involvement of The Weinstein Co.," Amazon Studios told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement Friday.

Russell, along with the show's stars Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore, agreed with the decision.

"We support Amazon’s decision and in light of recent news and out of respect for all those affected we have decided together that it is best to not move forward with this show," they said in a joint statement.

"In the Heights"

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara A. Hudes, the creators of the hit Broadway musical, announced they want the musical's movie adaption rights back from The Weinstein Company.

The company snatched up the film's rights after Miranda's other hit musical, "Hamilton," became a Broadway success. Now, the creators don't want anything to do with the disgraced producer's company.

"As a woman, I can no longer do business with The Weinstein Company," Hudes wrote in a lengthy post on Twitter last week. "To those women who suffered directly at Harvey's hands, I extend my sincerest compassion and support. Unfortunately, my musical 'In the Heights' is tied up in the company...I hope The Weinstein Company has enough grace, in the wake of these revelations, to respect my stand as a woman, and allow us to extricate 'In the Heights' from them."

Hudes added, "He thrived on this. He built an empire on this. It's been hard for me to sleep at night. My stomach is in knots."

Miranda threw his support behind Hudes, writing on Twitter, "As usual, Quiara does the prose best. She speaks for us both."

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Lindsey Partridge/Harmony Horsemanship(LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- One horse lover wanted to test a hotel's pet policy after discovering one receptionist said it didn't discriminate.

Lindsey Partridge, who in 2015 created Harmony Horsemanship, an organization that helps riders better understand their horses, told ABC News she was driving down from Pontypool, Ontario, to Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, when she decided to check into her hotel.

The riding coach was there to compete in Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover, in which hundreds of retired racehorses compete in categories such as field hunter, polo, ranch work and trail, among others.

"We left at like 3 in the morning and when we got down there, the hotel is before you get to the horse park," Patridge, 31, recalled. "We figured, we may as well stop and unload our luggage."

That's when she spotted a dog in the lobby of the Supreme 8 in Georgetown, Kentucky. She said she remarked to the receptionist that she didn't realize the hotel had a pet policy and joked she had a few horses outside.

"The receptionist said, 'Oh, I don't care. Sure, bring them in!'"

Astonished, Partridge figured she would, taking a few funny photos that have since earned attention on Facebook with more than 2,000 reactions. She unloaded her 5-year-old thoroughbred named Blizz, noting that "she was the easiest to get off the trailer."

Some hotel guests "were pretty surprised, but they all knew it was fun," the horse owner recalled. "I hope that this shows people that horses really can be quiet, calm and nice."

The owners of Supreme 8 confirmed the incident to ABC News.

Still, they clarified their pet policy in a statement, "We did not know she was going to bring the horse into the facility. We are pet-friendly and it is [for pets] 25 pounds and under. We had no knowledge of it being in the room."

Still, the funny incident seemed to be good luck for Blizz, who earned third place in the trail competition and sixth in the field hunter competition.

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Mary E. Nichols/, Calif.) -- It's no secret the late Johnny Carson loved California, and his beloved Malibu beach home is now on the market for $81.5 million.

The former "Tonight Show" host famously moved the late night series from New York to California in 1972. Soon after, in the mid-1980s, Carson himself made California his home, buying a property overlooking Point Dume Beach, according to Top Ten Real Estate Deals.

Carson lived there until his death in 2005. He was 79.

The home, which also features a guest house and sits on four acres, was designed by architect Ed Niles.

The main two-bedroom home measures at 7,083 square feet. It features an entertaining lounge space that boasts 30-feet-high glass windows along with an indoor arboretum perfect for any nature lover. The home also has an ocean terrace overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The master suite sits on the home's upper level and has his-and-hers bathrooms and closets, complete with onyx fixtures.

Along with a guest home that has two bedrooms of its own, the mansion features a sun deck, pool, waterfall, koi pond, tennis courts, gym and locker room, along with a wine and tasting room.

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The major indexes closed at record highs on Monday with large gains in financials.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 85.24 ( 0.37 percent) to finish at 22,956.96.

The Nasdaq gained 18.20 ( 0.28 percent) to close at 6,624.00, while the S&P 500 finished at 2,557.64, up 4.47 ( 0.18 percent) from its open.

Crude oil was about 0.76 percent higher with prices at about $52 per barrel.

Winners and Losers: Shares of JPMorgan Chase jumped 2.07 percent.  The financial services company announced Monday it would use blockchain technology in a new global payments process.

News of Sears investor Bruce Berkowitz's departure from the board caused shares of Sears Holdings Corp to tumble 11.52 percent.

Apple's stock climbed 1.84 percent after getting an upgrade from KeyBanc Capital.

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iStock/Thinkstock(SALT LAKE CITY) -- A Utah man has created a gigantic King Kong statue to sit centerstage in his front yard for Halloween.

Ammon Smith, 33, has impressed his Salt Lake City neighborhood in the past, but this year he expects his 39-foot display to attract thousands of trick-or-treaters.

In 2014, Smith created a pirate ship, followed be a skeleton train in 2015 and a giant dragon prop complete with Viking ship in 2016.

"People thank me a lot for building the community and that's the biggest compliment they can give me," Smith told ABC News.

This year, with help from his wife, Tera, Smith said he decided to go with a monster theme and build King Kong.

"[King Kong] is big, burly and scary but he's not gorey," he said. "We want people to not feel scared when they come and ask us for candy."

Smith said he built the $140 structure in about 100 hours.

The Empire State Building in the piece is made from wood and Styrofoam.

King Kong was built from pool noodles, wood, chicken wire and fabric. King Kong's chest is made from a black trash bag while his teeth were made from wood and egg cartons. His eyes are made from little pumpkins.

A fog machine was added to simulate clouds above the Empire State Building.

Smith's neighbor of six years, Johnny-Mack Barlow, 44, said he helped lift the King Kong up onto the building. In 2016, he helped place the dragon on top of the roof.

"It's really cool to be able to help him out and be a tiny part of it," Barlow told ABC News. "Everybody that walks by is talking about it. It definitely creates a vibrancy for the area."

Smith also said his first 200 or so visitors will receive the large, full-size candy bars before he switches to the smaller, fun-size candy bars.

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